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My Story

My name is Julia Foley and I am a programmer by heart and a technician by practice. I graduated from the University of Toledo in 2018 with a Bachelor's of Business Administration majoring in Information Systems and Management.

I have loved working in development since I was in high school. Programming excites me because I love to see how things come together. Its just so satisfying to create a program and have it execute exactly as you planned. My love for Information Systems and Technology has me driven me to create this a small business just like my grandfather.

I have been working on computers for as long as I can remember. I work as a full time technician and have over four years of experience in the field. Creating small business solutions through infrastructure is one of the most satisfying things because you get to learn how clients run their operations and then create a solution that will work best for them. The end piece is always very satisfying.

During high school and my beginning years in college, I learned a great deal about E-commerce business and social media marketing and generic e-commerce marketing principals. I believe this area of business will always play an important role in the consumer buying process and it is crucial to have a great internet presence to keep up with such demands.


I strive to create affordable and professional technology solutions for other small businesses to grow and expand their services.

I would love to get to know you and your business!

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